Amarillo Genealogical Society Welcome to the Amarillo Genealogical Society
Amarillo Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization formed in 1957. Everyone is welcome from beginner to expert genealogist. We meet at the downtown Amarillo Public Library, 413 SE 4th Avenue, Amarillo, TX, on the first Monday of each month from September to May in the second floor AB Conference Room.  We hope you will join us at a meeing. Our meetings consist of guest speakers, conference information, genealogy tidbits, and more to assist in your search. Please explore our website and consider becoming a member of our Society.
Genealogy research at the Downtown Amarillo Public Library
was made possible by the members of J.U.G. Club Library Committee. The first permanent women's club in Amarillo, the J.U.G. Club, was organized October 16, 1900 in the home of Floriede Ware. The selection of a name came after much discussion. The ladies decided to call their club the J.U.G. (Just Us Girls) Club, though their friends only knew them as "Jugs." Club members are shown in the photograph on the left taken about 1903. In the back row are Floriede Ware (Mrs. Sam Vaughan), Iva Nobles (Mrs. Frank Storm), and Trulie Works (Mrs. Bailey). In the front row are Bernice Russell (Mrs. Hayes), Mamie Trigg (Mrs. B. W. Owens), and Corrie Brower (Mrs. Jim Richardson). In 1902 the members of the J.U.G. Club, with the help of Mrs. Margaret Wills, started a small library that eventually became the Amarillo Public Library. The picture on the right was taken September 1977 in the home of Helen Lutz. This group became the Junior J.U.G.'s. From left to right seated are: Geneive Scott, Mabel Lutz, Louise Russell, Myrtle Kuykendall. Standing from left to right are: Beulah Stanberry, Mary Coleman, Frances Nobles, Hortense Woodburn. Not present are Alma Dodson and Irene Gentry. 
Library genealogy resources are available at the downtown library, 
along with individuals willing to assist you in your quest.
The library has six computers available for patron use with the following free subscription websites:
*Note some of these subscriptions must be used at the library and/or you must have a designated password.
  You will need TexShare login information to access the databases.
It also contains three microfilm reader/printers with which you can download your information to a USB. The genealogy section also includes periodicals, maps, and many other resources.
The library includes a KIC Scanner which will allow you to copy two face-up, full color pages up to 17x24 with a single touch, create full color electronic images and/or paper copies, review electronic images before saving or printing copies, collate by dragging images into proper order with your fingertip, select file formats such as PDF, JPEG, PNG & TIFF, create audio (MP3) output with the touch of a button, transfer images directly to your tablet or smart phone using its camera, Output to google Docs/Google Apps for Education and other cloud-based tools can be simplified with preprogramed hot-keys, insert a USB flash memory device and "oh, the places you will go." Stop by; you never know what you will discover.
 We are a proud member of the Texas State Genealogical Society.
The Texas State Genealogical Society (TSGS) was founded on November 28, 1960, in Fort Worth, Texas, and is incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas as an educational and literary corporation.The purpose of TSGS is to promote, assist, develop, and conserve the genealogical and historical resources of Texas and to cooperate with local, regional, and statewide groups in promoting an awareness of the need to preserve family heritage. (Please click on the icon to connect.)