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Heritage and Culture of Armstrong County and the Texas Panhandle
Last Updated: 31 August 2015
Mammoth hunters, Indian Wars, cattle ranches, and the coming of the railroad in the 19th century, to the oil boom of the 1920's and the region's part in the space program of today...
Last Updated: 31 August 2015
Historical facts of Old Mobeetie. Make sure you have your speakers turned on.
Last Updated: 31 August 2015
26,000 square miles. Texas largest history museum. From Dinosaurs to Cowboys.
Last Updated: 31 August 2015
Canadian's River Valley Pioneer Museum offers historic interpretation of the settlement period in the eastern Texas Panhandle. We have permanent exhibits as well as rotating exhibits from a variety of collections. From Spanish conquistadores and Indian battles to railroads and oil booms, Hemphill County, Texas, has seen it all. Located in the northeast Panhandle, Hemphill County is a land of sage-covered sand hills and rolling breaks, with towering buttes and deep canyons cut by the Canadian River. It is a place once inhabited by the ancient mammoth and mastodon and, more recently, thundering herds of bison. Hemphill County has a rich human history too. It was home to the Kiowa, Comanche, and Cheyenne and was crossed by Coronado’s famous expedition in 1540. American Indian fights, such as the Battle of Buffalo Wallow, also occurred here. Canadian, the county seat, has a history of its own. This oasis located on the banks of the Canadian River was the site of the first rodeo in Texas and a stop on the Santa Fe Railway. Other commerce soon followed, including a successful ranching and farming culture, as well as many thriving oil and natural gas industries. So, come by and experience our history--it's alive and kicking!
Last Updated: 2 March 2020
features heirlooms from Panhandle ranches, farms, and businesses as well as a renovated railroad depot and a collection of materials from the Red River War.
Last Updated: 31 August 2015
Often referred to as the best museum of its size and population, Wolf Creek Heritage Museum has as its mission, to preserve the history of Lipscomb County. The museum attempts to do this by telling the story of its people and the evolution of the immigration of these people to the Panhandle. The museum's exhibits explore the social and historical significance of the early settlers through current day. THIS MUSEUM STAFF WILL ASSIST IN GENEALOGAL RESEARCH AND IS A MEMBER OF THE AMARILLO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY.
Last Updated: 11 September 2020
History and Heritage of Dallam and Hartley Counties.
Last Updated: 31 August 2015